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True customer devotion

When we started Projet System in 1998, we wanted a strategy that was clear and uncomplicated. "Keep the customers satisfied and deliver products and services that improve their business". And the best thing is that that strategy is still valid. And perhaps even more so some twenty years later.

By doing just that - delivering customer satisfaction and improved businesses - we strive to lay a foundation for a long-term relationship with our customers. In the end we want nothing short of our customers seeing Projet System as a partner rather than "yet another supplier". This ambition alone is the reason we day after day continue to develop and improve our company.

Working with Projet System should feel natural and uncomplicated. And as our customer, you should always have trust in our partnership - we take great pride in keeping promises.


Looking at the future
From our head office in Ronneby we operate the daily business with serving our customers. In our 2 700 square meters of modern, industrial facility we also manage the product and service development in our waterjet lab. The lab itself has 15 high pressure pump systems that runs 38 jets.

In our lab facility which today is one of northern Europe´s main actor within waterjet contract cutting, we offer services like waterjet cutting, programming, machining, purchasing of material and logistics, in combination or separately.The combination of our flexible production, broad portfolio of services and our extensive industrial knowledge provides us with the tools necessary to create customer satisfaction. We want nothing short of delivering on time, with the right quality and to a cost that makes your business profitable.

Together with Projet System there is a subsidiary in Germany.
The office is located in Hassloch, where part of our service technicians are based. Some of Projet Systems sales representatives are based in this location.
Projet System, Germany, also has operations where they renovate and build up pumps and cutting tables.



Projet System is part of Shape Technologies Group Company

Shape Technologies Group, Inc. (SHAPE) delivers innovative manufacturing process solutions to customers spanning 100 countries and a broad array of industries providing material processing and surface preparation, automated assembly, robotic motion systems, material handling, software, process control, aftermarket parts, and comprehensive support to our customers.

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