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Customer Service Team

Robert Liljeberg


Alice Mattsson


Emanuela Janert


Anna Jonsson

Shipping and receiving

Johan Hollström

Shipping and receiving

Sales Team

Jesper Lundmark

Sales and Marketing Manager

Ernst Voigt

Senior Sales Manager

Service Team

Thorsten Zander

MD Projet Wadiko, Germany

Tomas Robertsson

Service engineer

Torben Mayer

Service & Technical Manager

Jan Mueller

Service technician

Product and Production Team

Rafal Ciok

Quality Technician

Per Edarp

Production technician

Robert Lundström

Product Management Manager

Cornelia Moorelove

Coil production

Danijel Lazarevic

Coil production

Projet Lego

Carina Jönsson

Plant Manager Projet Lego

Robin Yllenius

Production Manager Projet Lego

Peter Pålsson

Machine operator

Mikael Linde

Machine operator

Mohammad Tabatabaei

Machine operator

Mattias Abrahamsson

Machine operator

Ivar Lindahl

Machine operator

Pierre Rohdin

Machine operator

Andreas Holmberg

Machine operator

Eva Olsson

Machine operator

Andreas Lindestrand

Machine operator

Finance and Administration

Malin Söderdahl



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